What Started It All?

Mess Media, September 3, 2009

The Toronto media have given Al Sheppard’s death vast coverage. The have investigated his background.They have reported speculation and rumour. But most of them have virtually ignored one critical aspect of this tragedy.

How did it begin?

The media have said that it began after a minor accident in which Sheppard’s bike was damaged. What are they leaving out?
Michael Bryant

Christie Blatchford of the Globe and Mail is generally not a friend of cyclists but she has reported that it all began when Michael Bryant hit Sheppard’s bike from behind.

Earlier eyewitness accounts describe an angry clash between Mr. Bryant and Mr. Sheppard – a toot of the horn and a shout to get moving from Mr. Bryant; a refusal and perhaps an answering shout from Mr. Sheppard; Mr. Bryant edging his convertible closer, and by one account, actually hitting Mr. Sheppard’s bike

So it began with Bryant in full road rage mode hitting Sheppard from behind because he didn’t get out of the way. Is this not important for the public to know? Why would a guy who just had dinner with his wife to celebrate their 12 wedding anniversary be so agitated? But he was. He intentionally hit Sheppard’s bike.


One Response to What Started It All?

  1. B. Jane Crawford says:

    Thank you to bryantwatch for providing balance to the pro-Bryant spin that so-called journalists have been lapping up without a moment’s hesitation and regugitating to the public. I hope the case against Bryant will be prosecuted honestly and aggressively. If he doesn’t do some serious jail time I will be extremely disappointed in our judicial system. Already disillusioned with dismal journalism.

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