Memorial Fund set up to aid Sheppard burial costs

Darcy Allan Sheppard

Darcy Allan Sheppard

The Toronto Bike Messenger Association (TOBMA) has opened an account at TD Canada Trust for donation to help pay for Darcy Allan Sheppard’s burial arrangements and for his children. If you should wish to donate you can go into any TD branch and donate into account number 06906676860 for Darcy Allan Sheppard. Or you can go to and donate via pay pal”

Sheppard will receive traditional Aboriginal burial rights before he is laid to rest in his home province of Alberta.

A ceremony for Darcy Allan Sheppard will be held on Monday at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, where an elder will lead a solemn service of prayers and drumming.

The service will only be open to close friends and family — some of whom have made the trip eastward. On Wednesday, Darcy Sheppard Sr. arrived in Toronto to collect his son’s remains.

Go to to donate

One Response to Memorial Fund set up to aid Sheppard burial costs

  1. Steven D. Briggs says:

    We cannot forget what happened on Bloor St. and let Michael Bryant get away with MURDER. For information on Tichard Peck and why the Ontario Government used him (probably paid very well)
    Check “The Special Prosecutor Process In B.C. A Criminal Conspiracy. On the internet under Richard Peck and LET US NOT LET THIS PRIVALAGED MAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER.’

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