Did Bryant’s passenger slap him just before he purposely rammed Sheppard?

A digital stabilzation by Honest Edits on youtube raises the question – did Michael Bryan’ts passenger slap him just before he rammed his car car into Darcy Allan Sheppard?

From Honest Edits:

New details are apparent:

– Passenger seems to slap Bryant at 0:01, reaching across with right arm. The top of his head can be seen over the windshield moving back suddenly. This is clearer time scrubbing in my edit software than online.

– Steering angle of the front wheels can be seen to move several times. Bryant’s hand on the steering wheel can be seen through the windshield.

– Sheppard’s backpack can be distinguished as he rides. His body position is more apparent when stopped.

2 Responses to Did Bryant’s passenger slap him just before he purposely rammed Sheppard?

  1. Greg says:

    While it is a possibility, I think the position of the passenger and driver makes slapping an awkward action and that the passenger pointing Bryant to direct his attention to the approaching Sheppard is more likely.

  2. rationibus says:


    Here are some of the more egregious distortions from the Globe article above:

    “The two apparently exchange words, and Mr. Bryant quickly accelerates away.’

    [Guess the reporter forgot to mention that the car hit the cyclist before accelerating away]

    Here’s a quote from a criminal defence lawyer:

    “I suspect the key thing is going to be what the cyclist said or did in those first few seconds,” said Mr. Rotenberg, also the author of the crime novel Old City Hall . “If he said or did something that could justify what happened … then I think Bryant is almost home free.”

    [So if Sheppard told the loud-mouth in the car to F*** off that’s justification for running him over with his car?]

    Another defence lawyer weighs in:

    “Mr. Skurka reasoned that the defence has the upper hand, since it need only show that Mr. Bryant was in mortal fear for his life: ‘For the defence, the daunting pressure is to lose a monumental case that surely deserved to be won,’ he said.”

    The entire article seems to be grounded in the premise that Sheppard attacked Bryant and that Bryant was acting in self-defence. I guess if you say it enough times people will come to believe it. This totally ignores the initial altercation. No amount of graininess in the video can conceal the fact that Bryant did not simply “accelerate away” but instead accelerated forward into the bike. Only someone who refuses to see would fail to realize this.

    “Eyewitnesses who saw the tragedy unfold will likely play a modest role in the trial, since perceptions are often unreliable and memories are inherently faulty. Civilian witnesses are notoriously bad on things like speed, time and distance, many lawyers believe.”

    [All those witnesses who saw the driver of the car trying to kill the cyclist count for nothing.]

    And here again, Bryant is portrayed as the victim:

    “The defence will also try to make the case that, as a celebrity, he had particular cause to be wary. ‘Public figures legitimately have concerns about their personal safety,’ Mr. Hutchison observed. ‘You have a guy in a rage, hanging onto your car and possibly your steering wheel,’ he said.”

    [Yeah a fearful celebrity cruising around in an open convertible. Hey, what would you do if you were attacked by a crazed courier?…Right, and Iraq attacked the U.S. too.]

    And another assumption from a noted defence lawyer:

    “Mr. Skurka said that since Mr. Bryant had not been drinking alcohol that night,”

    [We’ll never know since the police decided not to give a breathalyzer test.]

    And finally the last word in the article goes to the same lawyer above who spoke of “justification”:

    “’There was nothing deliberate; no criminal intent.
    And he is never going to commit another crime in his life. Why would you have to put a guy like that in jail?”

    As pointed out on Twitter, the article was written by Kirk Makin, a Facebook friend of Robin Spears of Navigator.

    No offence to Mr. Makin who may only be guilty of incompetence, but is there no on Globe staff who is not a Facebook friend of Navigator’s Robin Spears?

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