More Coverage of Michael Bryant’s case

There is a facebook group seeking Justice for Darcy Sheppard

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WHAT’S ALL THIS THEN?! no.28 – Blood on Bloor: Michael Bryant, Privilege, and Murder.

This is an interesting podcast about the case: Listen here

For those who might be unfamiliar with What’s All This Then?! – it’s typically a podcast about unusual Toronto musicians. Interviews, reviews, etc. This episode is an exception: it’s an examination of what actually happened between ex-attorney general Michael Bryant and bike courier Al Sheppard which resulted in Sheppard’s death.


From the Legion of Decency Blog – Sometimes the Dragon Wins

That said, as the special prosecutor detailed his reasons for dropping the charges, it was hard to feel like justice was being served, or that we’re all still somehow equal in the eyes of the law.

I don’t know why a “special prosecutor” had to be brought in to handle the case, although it makes sense that you can’t have a local Crown prosecuting his former boss without somebody questioning the possibility of impropriety. But when this special prosecutor detailed his reasons for dropping charges, I couldn’t help feeling a greater impropriety was taking place with somebody in charge who would never need to face much local scrutiny or accountability.

Instead of making sure Michael Bryant didn’t get preferential treatment, what was revealed yesterday suggested that’s exactly what he received.

Prosecutors and Bryant’s legal team seemed to share an inordinate amount of information and a lot of time and money was spent investigating the character of the deceased while hard forensic evidence (or the fact it had never been collected) seemed of lesser importance. It was as if both sides were trying the case in private, searching for a path to make it all go away.

Read more at The Legion of Decency

3 Responses to More Coverage of Michael Bryant’s case

  1. Joe Gillies says:

    As a car driver, I have been told and made to know that if I hit a car or anything else in fromt of me causing any accident that I am at fault by the law. Thus, if I rear end someone or something then I am automatically at fault because it is my responsibility as a driver to keep back some distance in order to be able to stop safely. It appears that a bike was rear ended here and that someone was hit by being rear ended and knocked on the hood of a car and off on to the road by a driver that did not properly control a car safely (accidentally or intentionally) and even tried to drive around a bike to get away from a collision. This caused everything else to happen. Rear ending anyone or anything makes the person doing it guilty no matter what even if one’s car has car trouble stopping or even if it was bad weather. Many people have been charged for doing much less such as hitting a tree or post by losing control of one’s car accidentally. Am I mistaken in assuming that I am responsible for controlling and maintaining my vehicle as best as possible so that I don’t rear end anyone whether accidentally or intentionally?

  2. Lela Gary says:

    (Following a do-gooder type article in the Eye Weekly, June 3-9

    I SAY::

    There is a miscarriage of Justice in the Bryant case:
    When the prosecutor sounds like a defence lawyer.
    When the accused is declared innocent without a trial.
    When the video of the whole incident is not admitted in Court to determine if the accused is innocent or guilty.
    When irrelevant background info of the victim is considered a defence for the accused; this ploy was also used by the RCMP when they tried to absolve their actions in tasering the Pollish immigrant to death at the Vancouver airport. They went to Polland to investigate the deceased’s background which
    was totally unrelated to the altercation at the airport…

    Yes, it is injustice through and through.

  3. Hume Baugh says:

    Please sign and promote/forward this petition seeking justice for Darcy Sheppard:


    Hume Baugh

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