Apparently (Al Sheppard) – Video and Song!

Update: The video is now out!

Uncle Dropsi and Sunny D have teamed up on a new track about Darcy Allan Sheppard.

In their own words:

This track is about our friend Al, who was run down and killed in a road rage incident on August 31, 2009. He was killed by the former Attorney General of our province (like a state) and the bastard had the charges dropped almost a year later. Many from Toronto’s – and the world’s – cycling community were absolutely incensed that there were no consequences to taking my friend’s life. Anyone who knows, knows. This is our take on it.

The song can be heard and downloaded for free at

Uncle Dropsi on myspace

Sunny D on myspace

4 Responses to Apparently (Al Sheppard) – Video and Song!

  1. Gerry G says:

    This isn’t related to the above article. I just wanted to give you a heads up on the Toronto Life article in the upcoming issue called Michael Bryant’s Very Bad Year.
    I was listening to a talk show this morning and the author of the article continues to perpetuate the inaccurate facts, such as the maximum 30 something speed that they say Bryant was doing. 30 something was the average, not the maximum speed. She also discredited the eyewitnesses because they said they saw Bryant bounce off the mailbox, but because the forensics experts indicated that Sheppard was knocked off by the hydrant, that completely negated those construction worker’s accounts. I don’t know how she explains how a pool of blood ended up several feet away right beside the mailbox, nor does the result of the experts explain why Bryant was driving so close to the curb.
    On the anniversary of Sheppard’s death, it appears Navigator is back in full swing again. The talk show host even went so far as to suggest Bryant may run for office again. I don’t want a murderer with a temper problem running my city, province or country, that’s for sure.

    Below is the link to Toronto Life and their cover with the story

  2. […] courier friend’s Uncle Dropsi and Sunny D have release a song and video to remember […]

  3. Sunny D says:

    This Navigator PR machine is exactly why we felt we had to cause a stir with this song. But we’re doing all we can, and we need your help. PLEASE tell your friends and your friends friends. We’re trying to get it out to the media the best way we know how, but the more views means the more support. Please help us to get our message to go viral.


    • Babyrocky2 says:

      We had a vigil for the dogs he slaughtered on August 29th……. those of us that have dealt with Bryant before know his character, no we didn’t expect this but no one did.
      Just wanted you all to know that Cheri DiNova spoke eloquently reminding the crowd that on that very day there were two candle light vigils in Toronto caused by one man. She spoke of the injustice in a two teared legal system and we paid tribute to Darcy at our rally. We are trying to get the word out but this Navigator beast is very hard to tame. We will never give up though!

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