Protest Michael Bryant’s Appearance at the ROM

On August 31, 2009, former attorney general for Ontario, Michael Bryant, killed cyclist Darcy Allan Sheppard in one of the most violent and horrific cases of road rage in Toronto’s history.

The attack and killing were captured by surveilance video and witnessed by many who were willing to share their accounts. A special prosecutor, Richard Peck, with ties to the liberal party and a propensity to avoid prosecuting those in powerful positions or law enforcement worked with the defense team to document and publish Mr. Bryant’s version of the events.

Even though the prosecutor had a history of refusing to take these types of cases to trial it still came as a shock to Ontarians when he refused to prosecute his fellow BC born, boxing politican and lawyer.

Since then Mr. Bryant has announced a publishing deal to repeat his version of the events in book form and has sought out every opportunity to appear before the cameras. Not once has he taken any responsibility for a death caused by his deliberate and reckless actions.

On March 29, 2012, Michael Bryant, champion of the 1%, will once again seek the spotlight. He will be speaking at the Royal Ontario Museum, RBC Foundation Glass Room discussing policy options for the Liberal Party of Canada followed by an opportunity to mingle and have drinks at the exclusive Bedford Academy, 36 Prince Arthur Avenue.

There is a call to protest Michael Bryant’s appearance here.

Meet at the ROM at 5pm on March 29.


2 Responses to Protest Michael Bryant’s Appearance at the ROM

  1. Jan says:

    I agree with everything in this post except one item… The Bedford Academy is hardly exclusive, it’s more a high priced beer joint open to the public for the price of a $10 premium imported beer (including taxes and tip).

    Hopefully someone will run a breath test on Mr Bryant for his own best interests… just in case.

  2. Steven D. Briggs says:

    If a case ever called out to be heard in open court this has to be it. The things that are being found out now and the things that seem to be secrect like the names of the people that phoned in with derougatory statements about Mr. Sheppard. Should these people not have been ordered to court to give their statements under oath knowning they would be cross examined. It would have been nice to know that Mr. Bryant was a trained boxer with little fear of a drunken Mr. Sheppard. Also that Mr. Bryant is an alcoholic (drug user) that has probabaly been in many road rage incidents started by Mr. Bryant while dui. Having had the full weight of the criminal justice system brought to bear on myself, I could go on and on about the discredit and disrespect brought upon our justice system I’ll stop now.

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