Unprecedented Cooperation – Mark Sandler and Michael Bryant

When Richard peck was appointed special prosecutor in the case against Michael Bryant he brought along Toronto lawyer Mark Sandler to manage the case. Mr. Sandler directed much of the case. He interviewed witnesses, made virtually all of the court appearances for the Crown and it was he, and not Richard Peck, who interviewed Michael Bryant and his wife, Susan Abramovitch in March 2010. Sandler was also the person who suggested that the Crown interview the Bryant’s only after all the crown’s evidence was presented to Bryant and his lawyers.

Mark Sandler is a Toronto criminal defence attorney who is well established in the Toronto criminal defence bar. He is a partner at Cooper, Sandler Shime & Bergman LLP and is a three term bencher at the Law Society of Upper Canada. He has a history of working closely with the Ministry of the Attorney General during Michael Bryant’s term. He is a prominent member of the Advocates Society which was co-founded by his partner Austin M. Cooper.  Michael Bryant’s attorney, Marie Henein was the vice-president of the Advocates Society in 2009 and its president in 2010-11.

Sandler’s daughter worked as an assistant Crown Attorney in the Attorney General’s office and he wrote a book with Susan Abramovitch’s lawyer, Doug Hunt.

In his book “28 Seconds” Bryant went into detail about special prosecutor Richard Peck’s background but he avoided any mention of Mr. Sandler’s background, experience and connections.

In “28 Seconds” on page 205 Michael Bryant wrote:

“But I learned something about the criminal defence bar in Toronto. They stick together and work together to help each other, even if they’re not retained on the case. This doesn’t apply to every lawyer, but amongst those who reciprocate, there is a small group of colleagues who advance the interests of the accused, at large. So Marie was able to consult with any number of senior criminal lawyers including a couple of my own supporters, who happened to be strong legal minds.”

Here is a table (2 pages) documenting some of the connections between Mark Sandler and Michael Bryant. SANDLER – BRYANT Collaboration

One Response to Unprecedented Cooperation – Mark Sandler and Michael Bryant

  1. Steven D. Briggs says:

    Is there no way to charge Peck, Sandler,Bryant et al. with conspricy to upstruct justice. It’s one thing when the old boys network get together to have a DWI charge withdrawn but out and out premeditated murder is something else, If tey get away with this there is no hope for justice in this country, we’re just a third world country and a select few can do what ever they please. Lord Help Us.

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