Eye Witness Statements in Michael Bryant, Darcy Allan Sheppard Case

In court, Richard Peck and Mark Sandler dismiss the following nineteen eyewitness statements as inconsistent. After reading these statements it appears Peck and Sandler expect witnesses to be robots, scientists and engineers.

On April 14, 2010 Mark Sandler told the court they would be re-interviewing witnesses. As we learn more it appears that Sandler did not interview most, if not all of these eyewitnesses. Why? We don’t absolutely know but it does appear that prosecutors, Mark Sandler and Richard Peck  avoided any investigation that would prevent them from withdrawing the charges against Michael Bryant.


Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant

Note that:

NONE of the witnesses report Michael Bryant’s car stalling even once.

NONE of the witnesses report that Darcy Allan Sheppard was attempting to attack Michael Bryant

The text of the statements below are taken directly and entirely from the Police reconstruction report. Bryant Watch has not edited them in any way. All we have added is the word “Witness” in front of each witness number so that they are easier to separate.


The following were summarized accounts of witness statements collected by the Toronto

Police Service.

Witness 9.1

in the center of the road (Bloor Street West east of Avenue Road).

Heard yelling, looked back towards the noise and saw a black convertible in oncoming traffic in the opposite lane.

Saw the convertible drive up onto the sidewalk half on and half off the road with man hanging off side of car hitting trees, post and mailbox attempting to get the guy off the car.

They went past my line of vision and I looked over and saw the guy lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

I told to call police.

I went up to the guy and told him not to move he was trying to get up.

It took 5-10 minutes for the Fire department to show up and they started first aid.

The car was black two door convertible basically a sedan, driving fast at least 60-70 with the guy hanging on.

Witness 9.2

I asked a male who was standing there if the car hit the cyclist as he was looking at it, I asked several times as he did not respond. He finally answered yes.

I saw the cyclist pickup his bike and he was talking to the driver of the car and was yelling “you are all a witness to this.”

I think the guy put a bag or a bike on the hood of the car and the car drove away fast.

I was between 200 and 250 feet away from this.

I observed the cyclist grab onto the side of the car.

Eyewitnesses to a killing by a motorist in Toronto from Mess Media on Vimeo.

Witness 9.3

in the middle of the road.

I saw a convertible with a driver and a female passenger in a black convertible drive fast, between 70-80 Km/h in the wrong direction.

I didn’t see anyone hanging onto the side of the car.

I saw him hitting trees/pole mailbox.

I saw the car turn northbound on Avenue Road.

Witness 9.4

I was walking on the sidewalk with my father westbound.

I heard yelling with a car stopped and observed a cyclist on the ground.

The cyclist got up and the car backed up and ran right into the cyclist again.

The cyclist was on the hood of the car.

The car sped away really fast.

The bike was in the middle of the road and a lady moved it off the road to the side.

I saw the cyclist hit the hood with his hands (motioned both hands) and knocked to the ground.

The cyclist would not have time to climb into the car.

Witness 9.5

Working in the center of the road of Bloor Street east of Avenue Road.

Was facing west when I heard tires squealing and looked east.

Observed black car going the wrong way westbound in the eastbound lanes really fast, I thought he was drunk as we were there for 3 days with no problems.

Was at the edge of the pylons and didn’t see the guy on the side of the car at this time. I was stunned as to what I was seeing.

The guy hit the tree at around 70-90 Km/h.

The car was in full control when he went up on the curb for a short distance and drove eastbound when he started to hit things.

The guy was in full control into the curb and off over just enough to squeeze the guy off.

Saw the pool of blood after the guy was knocked off and bounced off the pavement like a beach ball…it made me sick.

The guy tried to get up and I told him to stay still and asked a co-worker to call 911.

Witness 9.6

Walking on the north side of Bloor Street near the Pottery Barn with daughter.

Heard crash and a verbal exchange between a cyclist and a driver of a black car.

Saw car back up and hit cyclist again- cyclist had thrown something on top of the car possibly his bike and the car hit him again – the cyclist went onto the hood.

I was surprised at the hit and the vehicle drove off with the cyclist holding onto the side of the car with both hands.

The car was a black convertible,

Vehicle accelerated rapidly very fast approximately 50 miles per hour with the man on the side of the car and skirted the sidewalk with the male holding onto the car.

We saw a bunch of people around the cyclist lying on the ground.

The cyclist had his hands on the car and was being dragged by the car.

Witness 9.7

Walking with friends on the south side of Bloor Street near the beginning of construction east of Avenue Road.

Saw a convertible car moving fast with a person hanging off the side of the car.

The convertible was going fast in the wrong direction on Bloor Street West.

Saw the guy on the side of the car holding on to the driver’s door area and was being dragged by the vehicle. Appeared to be hanging on so he would not fall.

The car was close to the curb, the guy fell off hit some poles and I heard the guy hit a couple of things.

I didn’t think the car was out of control.

Witness 9.8

Walking east on the south sidewalk of Bloor Street from Woodstock or Wood something college at the University of Toronto.

Observed a male hanging onto a black convertible, thought he was skating beside the car.

Observed male holding onto where the window was on the car with both hands on the door frame.

The vehicle sped up to about 80 Km/h.

The guy was holding on for dear life he could not let go at that speed.

Legs are now not touching the ground and the car drove into oncoming traffic along the curb and in closer to the curb and the guy on the side hit the fire hydrant, tree and mailbox with his body.

Guy hanging onto side came to a rest about 2 m from where standing.

Heard the loud impact of the guy hitting the objects.

The guy came to a rest on the road on his side with a lot of blood coming from his mouth and nose. He tried to get up three times and I told him to stay there and not move.

I saw the plate on the car to be “8” something “D” and did not get the rest other than it was a black expensive car. I was apprehensive on giving a statement as I didn’t know how much money or how powerful this guy was.

What drew my attention to this is “What the fuck is this guy doing.”

Didn’t hear any shouting between the driver and the guy on the side.

The hands of the guy on the side of the car did not grab onto the steering wheel of the black car.

The guys’ head was facing the driver not facing forward at the passenger compartment of the car with the hands on top of where the windows go up and down.

At first the guy was up near the front of the car by the windshield and as the car sped up he had both hands on the drivers’door.

The car went up to the curb in the wrong direction, and moved in and out purposely in and out,

The guy on the side of the car came to a rest 1-2m from me.

This lasted 4 – 5 seconds total.

I can’t believe the guy didn’t stop to let him off, I would be shit scared to get off at that speed.

The body bounced off car and the objects.

The car bounced like it ran over the guy.

The car purposely went over to the curb, the guy holding on for dear life,

No one could say it was an accident.

Witness 9.9

This witness utilized the surnames of the cyclist and driver in his statement.

Passenger in a vehicle eastbound on Bloor Street, east of Avenue Road stopped at a red light.

Looked over and observed a cyclist on the ground (Sheppard) in front of a dark blue convertible car.

Surprised to see the cyclist on the ground and get up.

Cyclist pointed at the vehicle in front of us and yelled “you are my witness”.

The car began to back up.

Observed the cyclist (Sheppard) jump onto the hood and the car accelerated westbound. The cyclist slid down the side of the vehicle and held onto the left rear view mirror.

Car accelerated rapidly into our lane, the vehicle was swerving left and right, braking, stopping and starting. The car went close to the curb and Sheppard fell,

it seemed like he just fell, didn’t hit anything.

The body was holding onto the side of the car and the feet were dragging on the floor.

I know he (Bryant) was trying to get away, he (Sheppard) held onto it (the car).

Observed bike on the floor in front of the car.

Cyclist left bike on floor and the car hit him.

Cyclist yelled “you are my witness”,

Threw backpack on the front of the car,

Don’t recall any words between driver and cyclist.

Car reversed and then floored it.

Witness 9.10

Standing in the back of a cube truck.

Heard a noise looked over and saw a black convertible speed past (about 2-2.5m) from his location.

At first thought it was people kidding around and I quickly realized it was serious.

Observed a guy hanging onto side of vehicle or driver hanging onto him.

The car was travelling at a high rate of speed close to curb.

He attempted to dislodge the victim by trying to run close to the curb, hydrant or tree.

Heard a loud thud the victim hit an object and I looked out of the van and saw the victim laying face down on the road.

There were signs directing cars to the right and there were no cars parked westbound.

The driver deliberately went onto the opposite side of the road apparently trying to get the guy off the side of the car.

lt was a dark convertible car.

Victim was close to me and I saw blood starting to form.

Did not see brake lights when it took off.

Believed the driver to be definitely in control of the car.

Witness 9.11

Went down Bloor Street eastbound and stopped for a light on the other side of Avenue Road.

Observed someone get up with a bike under the front of the car. I had my window down it was a nice night.

The guy got up, looked over towards us and yelled “You guys are my witness” or something like that.

While he was saying this, the car backed up and as it began to move forward, it looked like it was trying to get away; the guy slammed his bag onto the hood of the car and went onto the front of the car.

As the car sped up the guy hung onto the drivers rear view mirror with his left hand and the top of the car with his other hand

Was about 10 feet away from this.

The driver was swerving and braking back and forth trying to get the biker off.

Looked in the rear view mirror and saw car swerve and it was gone.

Saw a crowd gather around the biker and we left so we didn’t get in the way.

The vehicle went behind my car westbound in the eastbound lane travelling fast.

Didn’t hear anything else from driver or biker.

Never saw biker fall off.

Saw car swerve three times towards the sidewalk, didn’t,see him leave the roadway.

Driver of car in a dark suit

The bikers left arm was wrapped around rear view mirror and the right arm hanging onto car with his chest up against car.

Looked like he (biker) was hanging on for dear life; his feet were dragging on the ground with sparks coming from his shoes.

Witness 9.12

Walking with wife around U of T up Yonge to Bloor north side.

In front of Pottery Barn standing there.

Observed a cyclist in front of a car stopped at a light.

Cyclist pulled in front of the car with a smile on his face (Piss off type).

Thought there was an altercation taking place, no words exchanged.

The driver was stoned face and so was the passenger.

The car moved into the back of the bike and the guy fell off the bike.

The cyclist got up, picked up his bike.

The car accelerated at a high speed into the cyclist knocking him onto the front of the car. Thought back – the driver should have gone away.

The cyclist fell off to the drivers’ side and the bike was in the middle of the road.

The cyclist got up.

The cyclist ran after the car, the car had to go around the bike.

Cyclist had one hand in the car inside the drivers’ door or the headrest or something.

Car maximized it gas, and the car took the cyclist with it.

The car dragged him, he was not letting go, there were sparks coming from his feet.

lf the cyclist had let go there would have been serious damage, it was going very fast.

The car swerved to the other side of the road and went behind a van where I lost sight of the car.

No words were exchanged between the driver or the cyclist other than “where

are you going to go now” The driver was focused on the cyclist the whole time.

We went over to the other side of the road, saw a crowd and the cyclist was in the fetal position with a lot of blood.

The licence plate was BODY 383.

Driver was male late 30s early 40s good looking people.

Cyclist older style 10 speed with the curly handlebars, vagrant looking 5’9′-5’10”.

Once the car hit the bike I called 911.

First it was a little nudge, the foot off the gas enough to hit the tire and the cyclist fell off towards the curb and got up.

Standing in front of the car don’t know if got on the bike , car swerved around the bike and hit the fellow straight on and the guy fell off on the drivers’ side.

The second hit was around 30-40Km/h.

The nudge tire was like “l’m going to show you, you ass.”

The driver made a decision- had an opportunity to….

The right hand was, I think was holding onto the drivers’ door and the other one was hanging onto the windshield.

The car was going incredibly fast.

Witness 9.13

Out for a walk with husband on Bloor Street at the Pottery Barn.

. Saw a cyclist in front of a car standing.

Cyclist stated “You want me to move now.”

The car driver bumped him I yelled “stop it”.

The bike was under the car, the cyclist got up.

The car driver tried to run him over, I told my husband to call 911 and now get

the plate. I screamed it hoping he would cool it.

The cyclist threw his knapsack onto the car.

The cyclist ran after the car and hung onto the car with both arms over the driver’s side of the car.

The car was going top speed and the cyclist was holding on for dear life, he couldn’t let go.

The car sped onto the wrong side of the road.

The bike was in the middle of the road.

I saw people down the road, I didn’t see what happened.

The car was going fast, 90 Km/h he sped off at top speed with the cyclist’s feet dragging on the ground.

The cyclist was definitely tormenting the car.

The car bumped him, tried to drive off and the cyclist hit the bonnet of the car he couldn’t let go.

I picked up the bike and the knapsack and someone else helped me with the knapsack as the back wheel was not working on the bicycle.

Not like the guy was going to attack the driver, it was like the cyclist didn’t want the driver to leave.


Witness 9.14

Walking with two other friends behind another friend east on the south sidewalk of Bloor Street near Avenue Road.

Heard ‘Oh shit” looked up and saw a guy in the air and hit the floor.

Saw a car speeding up to go around.

Came from the University of Toronto walking on Bloor Street.

Didn’t see man attached to car.

Initially thought it was a hit and run.

Didn’t hear anything else.

The car went into the Hyatt Regency.


Witness 9.15

Walking with four other people on the south sidewalk east towards Yonge Street.

Turned and saw a sports car going east on the opposite side of the road.

Arm was inside the car and the rest of the body was outside.

Car went close to the sidewalk travelling fast.

Person hanging onto side car hit the grey box, he let the car go and he flew, Friend called 911.

Body hit tree and mailbox.

Witness 9.24

Observes black car veer into eastbound traffic.

Sees cyclist on side of vehicle, feet dragging.

Driver attempting to dislodge cyclist from side of car by swerving.

Observed cyclist on ground post crash.

Witness 9.25

Heard a crash, looked out window.

Observed a black Mercedes convertible hit cyclist.

Cyclist approached car aggressively.

Vehicle accelerates rapidly west in eastbound lanes swerving trying to shake off cyclist.

Seen north on Avenue Road.

Witness 9.26

Walking down south sidewalk eastbound on Bloor Street West about 15m from where cyclist fell.

Car seen westbound in eastbound lanes with the cyclist holding onto the car’s. window area. Seen the cyclist hit fire hydrant near #151 Bloor Street.

Witness 9.27

Declined to give a statement to investigating officers.

9.28 BRYANT, Michael (Driver of Saab)

Declined to give a statement to investigating officers.

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