Collision Reconstruction Report of the killing of Darcy Allan Sheppard

Toronto Police prepared a detailed collision reconstruction report based on eyewitness accounts, forensic evidence and video evidence. This report was made available to Michael Bryant and his legal team BEFORE Mr. Bryant came up with his version of the events.

Below is the Executive Summary of the report. The full Police Collision Reconstruction Report is available here.

Compare its contents to the Special Prosecutor’s brief in court and you will be struck by the vast differences.


Collision Reconstruction Report

Fatal Collision 23 | 2009

Bloor Street West near Avenue Road

City of Toronto, Ontario

Monday, August 31, 2009


1.0 Executive Summary

On Monday, August 31, 2009 at 9:47 PM, a black Saab convertible operated by Mr. Michael BRYANT was travelling westbound on Bloor Street West. The Saab stopped at a red light for a pedestrian crosswalk near 102 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

A bicycle operated by Mr. D’Arcy SHEPPARD, travelled westbound along the center yellow dividing line on Bloor Street West. Mr. SHEPPARD abruptly turned in front of the Saab and stopped as the traffic light turned green.

Mr. BRYANT accelerated the Saab forward, and bumped the rear tire of the bicycle with the front bumper of the vehicle and stopped. This contact knocked the bicycle over, however the cyclist was able to maintain an upright position. Mr. SHEPPARD righted his bicycle.

Mr. BRYANT rapidly accelerated again from a stop and struck the cyclist from behind a second time. This time Mr. SHEPPARD was projected onto the hood of the Saab and ejected on to the roadway west of the stop line for westbound traffic.

Mr. BRYANT reversed and accelerated rapidly in a westerly direction around the bicycle that had been wedged under the vehicle, At the same time Mr. SHEPPARD stood up and approached the vehicle. Mr. SHEPPARD grabbed onto the drivers’ side door of the Saab as it accelerated. The Saab crossed the center line and continued driving westbound in the eastbound curb lane of Bloor Street West with Mr. SHEPPARD clinging onto the side of the vehicle.

Mr. BRYANT drove the Saab close to the south curb of Bloor Street West, causing Mr. SHEPPARD to strike a tree, and fire hydrant. As Mr. SHEPPARD fell from the vehicle, he tumbled on the roadway, before coming to a rest in the eastbound curb lane.

Mr. BRYANT continued westbound on Bloor Street West in the eastbound and westbound lanes. Mr. BRYANT called police from a Hotel at Bloor Street West and Avenue Road.

Mr. Sheppard died as a result of the injuries sustained in the collision.


One Response to Collision Reconstruction Report of the killing of Darcy Allan Sheppard

  1. what can the ordinary people do unless we organize to change the justice system to make it fair to everyone? Just check out the things the justice system has got away with in the last couple of years, Michael Bryant, never spent an hour in a police cell for murder! James Forceillo goes in the back door of a streetcar and ambushes an 18year old with a 3 inch knife pumping 8 bullets into him,(missed with one) what a great marksman! never sent a minute in jail been back to work since Feb. The four RCMP that killed the Polish visitor because he was confused, charges dropped. There sure is a lot more they have got away with these are just where people were killed, there’s plenty more where the police have perjured themselves, or forged evidence, the list goes on and on, when will we get an honest justice system?

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