28 Forgotten Facts about Michael Bryant’s killing of Darcy Allan Sheppard

May 25, 2016

On this date six years ago Special Prosecutor and experienced defence attorney, Richard Peck withdrew charges against former Attorney General Michael Bryant in the death of Darcy Allan Sheppard. Bryant was charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death. Bryant’s actions were captured on surveillance video and witnessed by several people, and subject to forensic evidence.

Over the past six years most people have forgotten the events of that night and the evidence surrounding those events. Here are 28 Forgotten Facts about the case:



1 One month before he killed Darcy Allan Sheppard in a road rage attack, Michael Bryant told the Toronto Star’s Jennifer Wells  that “road rage is back in my life”


2 Michael Bryant admitted that the months leading up to the death of Darcy Allan Sheppard were a difficult time for him:“I was usually in the dog house that summer. Somehow I wasn’t engaged with the same human race of which my wife was a member. I was a distracted presence in my own marriage, my mind usually somewhere else. I was going through the pressure of a career change, a significant reorientation, maybe even something of a small mid-life crisis.” (28 Seconds, p. 6)


3 Even though it was their anniversary, Bryant admitted that the night of August 31, 2009 was filled with tension , noting that he and his wife argued. “We talked about our marriage – part debate, part monologue, part argument.” “Our marriage is in trouble. We know it. We’ve been in counseling since the spring. It’s our second counselor. A (anniversary) gift that strikes the wrong note could wreck the night…tension that’s become the new normal.”


4 Bryant was unhappy with the anniversary gift he got for his wife. In a last-ditch attempt to salvage the night Bryant raced to Bay and Bloor to buy his wife the anniversary present that she really wanted. He made excellent time until his path to redemption was stopped dead by a traffic jam for which Michael Bryant blamed Darcy Allan Sheppard.


5 In court Special Prosecutor Richard Peck characterized the Bryants’ “celebration” of their twelfth wedding anniversary as a special evening for the couple. He said “the mood was warm, it was nostalgic, it was reminiscing, like many couples do over their years together, and of course, what you always talk about, your children.”

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