What if Navigator was working for Darcy Allan Sheppard instead of Michael Bryant?

September 16, 2009

Although Darcy Allan Sheppard had no violent record and has only been accused and not convicted of cheque fraud, many in the media have portrayed him as someone who may be violent. He had no history of violence and no record of violence –none.

Much of Sheppard’s portrayal is driven by Bryant’s PR efforts with Brian Mulroney’s favourite spinners – Navigator Ltd.

Before Navigator started spinning the facts, the Globe and Mail described Sheppard as “admired by his co-workers for his charisma and adored by his friends and family for his comedy.”

Other media outlets spoke with people who knew him.

“You have to print the truth about him,” said courier Barry Ridley, who has worked as a courier for 39 years.

“Allan would go out of his way to help people. He was one of the nicest guys,” said Mr. Ridley.

“He was more of a fun loving guy,” echoed courier John Baker, adding it would be out of character for Mr. Sheppard to be the aggressor in a dispute with the driver of a vehicle.

What kind of articles would we be seeing if Navigator worked for Darcy Allan Sheppard instead of Michael Bryant?
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